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undergo / подвергаться, испытывать, переносить
undergo, incur, have, go through, meet with, fall under
test, experience, feel, have, tempt, undergo
transfer, carry, transport, bear, stand, undergo
experience or be subjected to (something, typically something unpleasant, painful, or arduous).
the baby underwent a life-saving brain operation
When babies are born, they undergo all sorts of tests to make sure they're fit and healthy.
Beth underwent a life saving bone marrow transplant when she was five after a mystery donor was found in Germany.
The Lava Lounge is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment unrelated to the fire.
All the craft have been undergoing a complete overhaul before the final race training begins.
He did not suffer any broken bones but underwent physiotherapy and took a week off work.
Stella undergoes a traumatic experience and must deal with the aftermath.
As if in respect for the sombre occasion, the weather had undergone one of its sudden shifts in mood.
The centre of the site shows the headquarters building which underwent several rebuilds.
He probably typifies the early skeptic who then undergoes a conversion experience.
It was Leslie's first taste of live action since undergoing surgery to repair a wrist problem.