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undergarment / предмет нижнего белья
имя существительное
предмет нижнего белья
имя существительное
an article of underclothing.
The undergarments included stockings, petticoats, drawers, and a corset.
Hallie reached her hand down to the bottom hem line of her shirt and pulled it up just below her undergarment .
An undergarment will create smooth bodylines under the clothes and keep you warm.
Price is something to consider when selecting your undergarment .
I threw aside the towel that was wrapped around my body and pulled on lacy, pink matching undergarments .
Before I knew it she was dragging me into a dressing room with the dress as well as various undergarments and a pair of shoes.
Wearing the long undergarments as a nightdress, she climbed into the large bed.
She took her robe night gown, and undergarments off and threw them down the laundry shoot.
Over my undergarments , I wore a silk long sleeve shirt with buttons and wide long pants.
I found a pair of plain breeches and a linen shirt in a chest of drawers, along with the necessary undergarments .
Opening the top drawer to the second dresser I found more undergarments but still no swimsuits.