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underfoot / под ногами, в подчинении, под контролем
под ногами
underfoot, under one's feet
в подчинении
underfoot, in hand
под контролем
under one's feet; on the ground.
it was very muddy underfoot
Trail shoes also have a lower heel, allowing you to stay closer to the ground and giving you more ‘feel’ for the varied ground underfoot .
The ground was cold underfoot but we were laughing as we fetched rocks from the river, re-erected the tent and weighed down its rim with the rocks.
With the ground underfoot very wet, players were slipping all over the park and passing moves were continually let down by poor handling.
An overnight frost made the ground underfoot extremely slippery and made for a perilous descent.
the last thing my mother wanted was a child underfoot
The ground underfoot was still hopelessly boggy, and as I jumped the half metre distance from the van to the floor, little specks of mud flew everywhere.
The advocates of summer rugby will have loved it as the firm ground underfoot encouraged the two teams to play some terrific expansive rugby.
genuine rights were being trodden underfoot
Moving carefully, checking the ground underfoot and the supports overhead as he went, he moved towards it.
The ground underfoot is often unstable, and some of the currents are extremely strong.