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underfloor / под полом
имя прилагательное
situated or operating beneath the floor.
She said, ‘there is no central heating, only an underfloor system that doesn't work well.
A double hardwood front door opens onto a split-level entrance hall with yellow walls, a pine panelled ceiling and ceramic floor tiling with underfloor heating.
Now, two sets of manufacturers have formed partnerships to promote the use of raised floors for underfloor air distribution.
Quite apart from its aesthetic appeal, strong selling points include the underfloor central heating system that Kevin designed.
But more than just a solution for wiring reconfigurations, underfloor systems offer an option for air distribution.
This has modern wood flooring and the original underfloor central heating, which is believed to have been the first installed in Ireland.
The lights in the oversize wardrobes come on automatically when you walk in and the underfloor heating lines two floors of the house.
The space lends itself to contemporary living with its open-plan sitting and dining areas, while underfloor heating grants the stone floor an ambient warmth.
A number of builders are now using underfloor heating systems in new developments.
After the joists are in, you can run any underfloor plumbing you need, as well as any ducts or electrical wiring.
In contrast, underfloor systems are installed as part of a raised floor system.