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underdone / недоделанный, недожаренный
имя прилагательное
underdone, slack-baked
underdone, rare, raw, half-done
имя прилагательное
(of food) insufficiently cooked.
‘Eat up, Kyle,’ said Stan, holding a plate of burnt bacon and underdone toast.
The toast may be burned, the eggs a bit underdone and the bacon black as coal, but Mom doesn't care.
Both came with a side salad; it was fresh and crisp - vegetables and an overflowing plate of chips which were, if I had to complain, just a touch underdone .
My pepper steak was tender, though a little underdone for the designated medium-rare, but still pleasant enough, and came with either French fries or baked potato - I chose the fries.
Cutting the strips the same length and width will ensure that they take the same amount of time to cook, preventing some strips from getting overdone and tough while others remain underdone .
Okay, maybe the chips were fractionally underdone , but we're talking nanoseconds.
I remember when I took over my Neal Street restaurant in 1980, people wanted kidneys grilled, underdone .
Bring to the boil then turn the heat down and simmer for approximately 40 minutes until the chicken is underdone but just starting to look cooked.
‘Eat up, Kyle,’ said Stan, holding a plate of burnt bacon and underdone toast.
Microwaves cook quickly, but not always evenly, making it possible to overcook or burn the outer edges while the centre is underdone .
The meat is generally larded for this, and many consider it is best slightly underdone .