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underdeveloped / недоразвитый, слаборазвитый, недопроявленный
имя прилагательное
underdeveloped, aborted, rudimentary, abortive, neuter, dwarfish
underdeveloped, less developed
имя прилагательное
not fully developed.
underdeveloped kidneys
It is possible to build a critical audience and a variety of tastes but that takes time and consistency, not an easy task for underdeveloped countries with no money or devotion to long-term goals.
The real problem is tiny, underdeveloped lungs.
Yet, in the final analysis, they remain just that: underdeveloped suggestions that still require substantial clarification.
There are wealthy creditors and bankrupt debtors; there are super rich countries and underdeveloped countries, super wealthy speculators and impoverished malnourished children.
We will do that, but I regret to report that in my experience, the internet is still an underdeveloped and relatively small phenomenon in their world.
The old man watched her go, a slight underdeveloped girl, wearing a ragged pair of boys' shorts too big for her, a lustrous mop of untidy hair falling in glossy black waves almost to her bony shoulders.
This country, he said, was a land of unlimited opportunities, with a growing middle class and an impressive savings rate, yet with an underdeveloped banking system ripe for reform.
In 1903, a method of increasing the annual tax on vacant or underdeveloped land was adopted.
During walks in the woods, Rusty, whose blindness is caused by underdeveloped retinas, would follow Dugan, staying right at his ear.
He's absolutely correct about what we ought to do about those underdeveloped countries.