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undercut / подрезать, сбивать цену, поднутрять
undercut, trim, prune, dress, nick, pare
сбивать цену
underbid, undercut, cry down
undercut, recess
имя существительное
tenderloin, cutting, notch, cut, undercut, excision
имя существительное
a space formed by the removal or absence of material from the lower part of something, such as a cliff, a coal seam, or part of a carving in relief.
Where land meets sea in the north, the power of the ocean has chiselled undercuts , caves and fissures into the limestone cliff.
the underside of a sirloin of beef.
offer goods or services at a lower price than (a competitor).
these industries have been undercut by more efficient foreign producers
cut or wear away the part below or under (something, especially a cliff).
Opposite the cottonwood, on the far bank, is a 40-foot undercut cliff that resembles the prow of a ship.
weaken; undermine.
the chairman denied his authority was being undercut
(in sports such as tennis or golf) strike (a ball) with a chopping motion so as to give it backspin.
Frequent pop-ups are an indication he has been undercutting the ball.
So everyone raising prices knows that a competitor could undercut them.
Roth has made the strange decision to constantly undercut the dramatic tension inherent within his own story.
The difference is that in a competitive market place, plumbers and electricians can attempt to undercut their competitors by offering a cheaper service and thus attract more work.
However well-intentioned that allusion might have been, it undercut the work's subtle emotional power.
As a working journalist and Guild member, I believe her comments undercut the credibility of my profession.
But almost from the outset, Maskhadov was challenged and deliberately undercut by his ruthless and less principled rivals.
Or maybe, because the meandering river had undercut the bank below their old ponderosa, Duke and Doreen sensed that the tree was no longer safe.
Rock transmits sound fairly well and heavy foot vibrations, if the ledge you're stood on is undercut below you, can warn the fish and make them nervous for a while.
The contractor glanced at the file, read the information he required, undercut his competitors and got the contract.
Just be careful not to undercut the prices you're charging through your sales reps and distributors.