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undercover / тайный, секретный, потаенный
имя прилагательное
secret, covert, clandestine, arcane, undercover, privy
secret, classified, confidential, undercover, subterranean, backroom
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their activities) involved in or involving secret work within a community or organization, especially for the purposes of police investigation or espionage.
an undercover police operation
as an undercover agent.
a special unit of the police that operates undercover
Townend said he believed they were undercover police officers.
How the undercover police officers managed to make their way inside was not revealed.
In March 1999, police began an undercover surveillance operation on the prison officer.
A stockbroker turned writer, he actually went undercover inside an authentic crime family.
She pleaded guilty to offering to supply heroin to undercover police officers.
He contacted the TUC after the Bradford riots and spent three years working undercover .
Metro police has 24 undercover officers who are constantly on the look out for illegal activity.
Actually, Yan is kicked out so he can be sent undercover to infiltrate the triad crime world.
I'm going to stay undercover for the rest of my life.
An undercover police operation has snared eight dealers who provided a class A drugs on wheels delivery service.