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undercook / undercook
cook (something) insufficiently.
undercooked meats
A soufflé will collapse if it is undercooked , or if it is kept waiting after cooking.
He complained to the restaurant manager that the steak was undercooked .
The six slices were nicely undercooked and came coated with ginger and coriander, a traditional combination that complemented the fish nicely.
The stew was nothing special: The meat was undercooked and might have been slightly gammy, but the worst was covered by the plentiful addition of spices.
Unfortunately, frozen pizza is either undercooked or burned, there is no ‘lightly browned toppings’ state.
Don't eat raw or undercooked meat, especially pork or lamb.
He also mentioned that he had been disappointed the night before, when his filet was undercooked although he hadn't sent it back the night before.
The stuffed eggplant was slightly undercooked , but the flavours of cheese and herbs were delightful.
I cooked tea for myself a few days ago and managed to eat a very undercooked steak and kidney pudding (it's a long story), and have been feeling a bit rough ever since.
I decided to tuck into the garlic bread to fill me up, but it was undercooked and doughy with a high level of raw garlic.