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undercoat / грунтовка, подшерсток
имя существительное
primer, undercoat, priming, grounding, clearcole, pad
имя существительное
a layer of paint applied after the primer and before the topcoat.
First, they painted the stucco with a primer undercoat , then applied medium blue latex house paint.
an animal's underfur or down.
The dog weighs about sixty pounds with medium length fur and a thick undercoat and possesses an unusual physiological adaptation for work.
apply a coat of undercoat to (something).
Jimmy sugar soaped the ceiling and walls in the front room and undercoated the window frame.
They also make paints for wood or concrete floors and masonry as well as the requisite undercoat and primer paints.
The vat had been full of solvent-based rubberised paint used as an undercoat on vans made at the factory.
The Chinook has a double coat comprising long guard hairs over a soft, short undercoat .
Because their undercoat is not so cottony or profuse as that of some other longhaired breeds, ragdolls do not require as much grooming.
Covering this athletic body is a flat, wavy, medium-length outercoat and a soft dense undercoat .
And soft, sloughing paints are a poor undercoat for anything other than a fresh coat of the same.
Sand the woodwork down, undercoat it, remove any grease stains and finish it in an oil based sandalwood or gloss.
The way Skinner describes his creative process, he sounds like a conscientious painter and decorator sanding a wooden surface to roughen it up a bit before applying an undercoat .
The magnetic layer on its 24-inch disc was reputedly formed from the primer paint used to undercoat San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.
The crisp guard hairs of the Labrador's coat easily shed burrs and brambles, and the dense undercoat makes the dog practically impervious to water.