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underclass / низшие слои общества, беднота
имя существительное
низшие слои общества
poor, underclass
имя существительное
the lowest social stratum in a country or community, consisting of the poor and unemployed.
No city has succeeded when it has two spatially segregated underclasses .
The two sections of society most damaged by the growing paralysis in social mobility are the lower middle class and the underclass at the bottom of the heap.
New levels were added to cover the underclass of people who have never worked and the long-term unemployed.
In one sense, campaigns often help foster a permanent underclass in politics.
In the cities, a disenfranchised underclass looked to the cinema to give them a voice.
There is also the growing underclass of young unemployed people who have little prospect of moving upwards.
This fiction is realistic, often portraying the lives of common people and the underclass in the face of adversity.
In previous history the middle classes have always kept one step a head of the hordes of working classes and its offshoots the underclass .
This has raised the spectre of an new underclass and highlights contentious issues of the class nature of the open-door policy in the country.
Still in my head and in my style of living I'm very much underclass , working class.
Yet, the nouveau riche are vastly outnumbered by a huge underclass of desperately poor people.