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undercarriage / шасси
имя существительное
chassis, landing gear, undercarriage, carriage, underframe
имя существительное
a wheeled structure beneath an aircraft, typically retracted when not in use, that receives the impact on landing and supports the aircraft on the ground.
The proximity of the enemy to the airfield was illustrated by the fact that the fighters barely had time to retract their undercarriages before commencing attacks.
The company says the new rubber-track undercarriage transfers weight to the ground through 24 wheeled contact points.
It was picking up great clouds of dust as it moved in to touch down, the side passenger sliding door already opening before the undercarriage touched ground.
Other models followed, including the Courier, the world's first single-engine monoplane with retractable undercarriage .
security guards checked the BMW's undercarriage with a large mirror
The aircraft struck the ground heavily, causing the nose undercarriage to fail.
Check for signs of damage on the chassis and undercarriage .
This was to become the first British produced plane with a retractable undercarriage .
The gears grind as the undercarriage is lowered.
The prototype was grounded until late November by undercarriage cracks resulting from a heavy landing on the last day of the show.
Each time a coach or minibus entered the compound, its undercarriage was examined with a mirror on wheels.