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undercapitalized / капитализированный недостаточно
provide (a company) with insufficient capital to achieve desired results.
The article paints a picture of an understaffed, underequipped, and undercapitalized agency trying desperately to impose order on a nation the size of California.
That threw the undercapitalized domestic banks into a crisis from which they never emerged.
And yet, rail is relatively undercapitalized .
In an undercapitalized environment, both the business people and the consumer suffered.
Nearly all are undercapitalized and unlikely to acquire necessary funding through traditional cooperative financing mechanisms.
Many undercapitalized projects are struggling under high debt loads and are eager to sell, often at bargain prices.
As a result, most of them are undercapitalized, in the same way that a firm is undercapitalized when it issues fewer securities than its income and assets would justify.
The early, undercapitalized months of the company were difficult for Young, who felt hamstrung by his lack of resources.
The banks are undercapitalized , and no one in their right minds would pour any more money into the system - except for the government, which doesn't have any more money to give.
Most profits from the Portuguese-dominated sectors went overseas, leaving the colony grossly undercapitalized .
There is a shakeout as undercapitalized and high-cost firms fail.