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underbid / сбивать цену, назначать более низкую цену, снижать цену
сбивать цену
underbid, undercut, cry down
назначать более низкую цену
снижать цену
cut price, bring down the price, cheapen, depreciate, mark down, underbid
(in an auction or when seeking a contract) make a lower bid than (someone).
they were underbid by competitors who charged less
имя существительное
a bid that is lower than another or than is justified.
We can be underbid by smaller contractors on little jobs.
they were underbid by competitors who charged less
The contractor had significantly underbid the job.
We hereby assume that he only sells his coats for the same price as his competitors, and does not take advantage of these economies to underbid them.
In order to make their bid more attractive the new contractors must underbid each other.
He's talking about American workers being underbid in the global labor market.
Companies in the market for consultants can now use Web exchanges to post REPs (request for proposals) and then sit back while the contenders prepare responses and underbid one another.
‘Desperate contractors will underbid labor, safety and management costs just to keep their crews busy,’ he says.
The audience roared because they thought I underbid .
Their whole business model is about bringing in inexpensive foreign labor so they can underbid their rivals.