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underachieve / не дотягивать, не стараться
не дотягивать
не стараться
do less well than is expected, especially in schoolwork.
It is hard to believe he was a child who consistently underachieved at school, whose reports said ‘nice and friendly’ but never mentioned any outstanding mental ability.
The analyses served as a mechanism to question current practices and thinking about why some groups of children underachieve in school.
The disorder is frequently diagnosed in children with behavioural problems or in those who underachieve at school.
Primary teachers, he added, can readily identify those who will most likely underachieve and drop out early in a society of poverty, unemployment and social exclusion.
He's a sort of classic underachiever who is looking after his father who has never been the same since his mother left them.
It's over, and we're out, having underperformed and underachieved in a major tournament yet again.
This year will be different because this coach has the broad support of a squad that is determined to put two years of underachievement behind them.
People are always saying that Darren is an underachiever .
We'd rather believe that underachievement comes from without.
‘There is no doubt that the pupils taking their GCSEs underachieved ,’ the report says.
This is problem even before the university stage, these children are underachieving at school and nothing seems to be happening to correct this problem.