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undefeated / непобедимый
  • undefeated fighter - непобедимый боец
имя прилагательное
not defeated, especially in a battle or other contest.
the undefeated champion
Stirling County went third after their third successive undefeated game.
I know from experience the difference a few games undefeated can make to morale in the camp.
Anything between three and six games undefeated would bring us back into the pack.
Both teams are undefeated after three rounds and the result of the game will go a long way to showing the state of the competition.
He eventually achieved the maximum eight wins, retiring undefeated .
City looked well set to make it ten games undefeated after Mark Bower's goal on 34 minutes handed City a deserved lead.
Now they have gone four games undefeated and have moved up from the doldrums.
He has consistently dominated the court all season, going undefeated in all his singles matches.
This was a clean sweep by the Ulster side who remained undefeated in all of their championship matches.
Recently, a shining star has emerged from the show after going seven weeks straight undefeated .