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undecided / нерешительный, нерешенный, не принявший решения
имя прилагательное
indecisive, hesitant, irresolute, undecided, faltering, hesitating
unsolved, unsettled, undecided, open, pending, pendent
не принявший решения
undecided, unresolved
имя прилагательное
(of a person) not having made a decision.
the jury remained undecided
имя существительное
a person who has not decided how they are going to vote in an election.
However, my observation is that, in presidential elections, the undecideds tend to vote against major change.
Even though press attention has focussed on the undecided question of control of the internet, at the start of the process there were widely varying views on just about every aspect of the internet.
But historically, many undecided voters make their decision during the past month or even the last few days of an election season.
So far, Republicans have added three seats in the Senate, with two races still undecided, and four seats in the House, with one race still undecided .
Three people were undecided and two said they would not vote.
With four races undecided , the Republicans won 227 House seats, the Democrats, 203, and there was one independent.
The film's end is open and undecided not only narratively, but also with regard to its underlying vision of the universe.
The GOP, meanwhile, had a 227-203 edge in the House, a gain of at least three seats, with four races still undecided at press time.
Republicans get 220 seats; Democrats 211 seats and independents two seats, with two races undecided .
We were undecided whether to go into cattle or sheep milk production, but decided to go with sheep as there was a clear market demand and no problems with milk quotas.
I'm undecided and probably will be for quite a while.