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undated / недатированный
имя прилагательное
undated, dateless
имя прилагательное
not provided or marked with a date.
most of his letters are undated
The biggest surprise is how undated these songs come across, especially considering dance music's typically rapid sell-by date.
An undated price list refers to handles, escutcheons, plates, and hinges available in nickel-plate or gilt finishes.
Most oaths are undated , and I have had to estimate dates based on their context.
An undated copy of the memorandum was obtained by The New York Times.
In the references, many of which were undated , Huntley was described as ‘reliable, honest and trustworthy’.
Things like shares are effectively like undated securities, because they have no redemption date.
They are undated and no records exist telling how the works entered the collection.
Though undated , the wedding pictures were all apparently taken before the Second World War and show a selection of wedding styles.
The picture, undated I am afraid, shows the building in its former glory.
An undated letter was received from the Credit Union indicating only that Ms. Vanderhyden was hired as a replacement for a data clerk on maternity leave.