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uncut / неразрезанный, с необрезанными полями, полный
имя прилагательное
с необрезанными полями
full, complete, utter, total, absolute, uncut
имя прилагательное
not cut.
her hair was left uncut
Detailed paper patterns for the robes and uncut lengths of fabric are included to illustrate the intricate preparation behind these garments.
The uncut R rated version is the one offered here.
One of the bonus features of this DVD is the fact that they give you both the R-rated version and the uncut / unrated version as well.
The series aired on CBC in Canada and on HBO in America; a bowdlerised version appeared later on CBS, and 13 uncut editions found their way across the Atlantic to C4.
Our main business was trading in rough or uncut diamonds.
For starters, they feature the uncut version of the film.
International festival screenings of the uncut version followed in a somewhat haphazard fashion.
This is due to the Precious Metals Act, which stipulates that it is illegal for individuals to own unwrought gold (and uncut diamonds) in the country.
The world's biggest diamond producer also put in place last year, a marketing channel, which sells uncut , diamonds only to selected and approved polishers.
All twelve chapters are presented complete and uncut on a dual-layered disc.