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uncurl / развиваться, развивать
develop, evolve, progress, expand, advance, uncurl
develop, evolve, cultivate, expand, elaborate, uncurl
straighten or cause to straighten from a curled position.
in spring the new leaves uncurl
As a kitten is maturing, its ears will gradually curl and uncurl in varying degrees and are not permanently set until the kitten is roughly 4 months of age.
Michael shrugged, unruffled, but I saw his fist curl and uncurl at his side and knew it hurt.
in spring the new leaves uncurl
in spring the new leaves uncurl
I had felt my fingers curl and uncurl reflexively at the mention of my mother.
I couldn't sit still and was pacing the room while curling and uncurling my fists.
Looking at her feet, she nodded fiercely and curled and uncurled her toes to maintain the flow of blood.
Kellie absently curled and uncurled a strand of her hair on her finger, something she did when she was nervous or thinking.
She shook her head sternly as she uncurled from her position.
‘We've heard about you,’ Nike repeated, curling and uncurling his fists.