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unctuous / елейный, маслянистый, жирный и липкий
имя прилагательное
unctuous, smarmy, oily, sleek, slimy, soapy
oily, buttery, oleaginous, unctuous, fat, emulsive
жирный и липкий
имя прилагательное
(of a person) excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.
he seemed anxious to please but not in an unctuous way
(chiefly of minerals) having a greasy or soapy feel.
Still, the lure of any luxury item - whether it be Beluga caviar, Dom Perignon champagne or an unctuous blob of sea-urchin roe - springs partly from its cost.
The first moment after a disaster, we do not need news anchors unchained to any news, no shred of useful information, but plenty of unctuous sympathy.
It has nice touches such as the Bath Butler service, which delivers unctuous oils, chocolate-covered strawberries and a glass of champagne to your bath-side for a reasonable price.
I'm sure some unctuous berk could generate some glittering generalities about freedom, democracy, human rights and the rest - but what's specifically British about those?
The service at lunch was also very good, but a bit unctuous - in a restaurant like this, I don't really need to be told by the server that my choice of the ravioli is a fabulous one.
Pete is one of those tiresome, unctuous types who thinks he's a wit and is half-right.
Bob, by the way, only casually mentioned his war record, though there is still something unctuous even about that.
She was even less pleasant than the metallic voice who caressed me with his unctuous assurances… ‘Your call is important to us.’
The ending of the story is a bit of a cop-out as the unctuous game show host invokes a hitherto-unknown rule and claims the date with Jennifer for himself.
The lousy, unctuous toad is going to be investigated.
If anyone in history has ever emitted a bigger pile of oozing, sanctimonious, unctuous , fetid, perfidious, malodorous offal than this, I'd like to know what it could possibly be.