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uncrowned / некоронованный, незавершенный, незаконченный
имя прилагательное
unfinished, incomplete, inconclusive, open, unachieved, uncrowned
unfinished, incomplete, pending, pendent, unclosed, uncrowned
имя прилагательное
not formally crowned as a monarch.
A man of such power, they called him ‘the uncrowned king of Scotland’.
deprive (a monarch) of their ruling position.
In these festivals the working people would hold skits in which they would uncrown the king.
A man of such power, they called him ‘the uncrowned king of Scotland’.
Draped in designer labels from shopping trips to Milan, Paris and New York, they were the uncrowned heads of British hairdressing, jetting around the world, doing session work for glossy magazines and spreading their gospel.
Victoria is clearly the uncrowned women's champion.
The Booker Prize judges have ignored the uncrowned king of English letters and two past winners in favour of an unpublished writer
Rejected, ill and broken, she died just a few weeks later, an uncrowned queen.
They took a quasi-religious attitude to Confucius, worshipping him as ‘the uncrowned king’ rather than respecting him simply as the greatest of teachers.
A member of the Municipal Corporation for a phenomenal 43 years and four times its Chairman, he was known as ‘the uncrowned King of Bombay’.
Richard, of royal blood, decided he wanted to be undisputed king, so the uncrowned child-king Edward and his little brother Richard Duke of York ended up murdered in the Tower in 1483.
The uncrowned prince of British menswear, John Richmond, managed to dazzle a celebrity studded audience with an eclectic show.
Today Bernal, 25, is the uncrowned prince of Cannes, ascending the red carpet not once but twice, with two different world-class directors.