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uncritical / некритичный, принимающий без критики, принимающий слепо
имя прилагательное
принимающий без критики
принимающий слепо
имя прилагательное
not expressing criticism or using one's critical faculties.
the technique had received uncritical acclaim in the media
This trajectory was clear, but complex visual practices oftentimes were subsumed by conceptual discussions or uncritical formal analyses.
Why, in general, is there such a complacent and uncritical attitude toward the social circles portrayed?
In something as complex as this, where there's a significant challenge facing the country, it wouldn't be healthy if it were received with uncritical acclaim.
The book is a useful reminder of just how uncritical was much of the analysis of the pre-downturn phase of the most recent Asian expansion.
Only Headley and his uncritical acolytes could complain about shutting a play scheme nobody wanted.
The final sorry part of this sordid tale is the way in which the media and their expert pundits were so uncritical in analysing the information.
For too long, we have been overly naïve and uncritical .
One does not need an uncritical belief in progress to accept that discoveries could be, and have been, made.
The uncritical acceptance of this testimony was typical of the investigations conducted by the State Department.
Nonetheless, I don't think that means we have to accept it with an uncritical eye, or adopt every new implementation of tagging without consideration.