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uncouth / неотесанный, грубоватый, неуклюжий
имя прилагательное
uncouth, rustic, unhewn, rough, loutish, woolly
rough, gruff, bluff, blunt, uncouth, earthy
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, uncouth
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their appearance or behavior) lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.
he is unwashed, uncouth, and drunk most of the time
‘You had a beard,’ she said, ‘dark in parts, still somewhat ragged and uncouth , not at all sophisticated.’
You are nothing but an uncouth , patronizing, unprincipled, rowdy group of misfits who aren't fit for any respectable job!
Max is unsophisticated, uncouth , rough and tough - but his heart is in the right place.
‘His art was called original, free, honest and strong, as well as crude and uncouth ,’ said Conrads.
If, while performing his duties, he was approached by petitioners who seemed uncouth or outlandish, he should not gawk or make them feel uncomfortable; rather, he should treat them politely and proceed with business as usual.
Oh, Joshua I believe that's a little uncouth of you to ask, but I'll answer you regardless.
Shouting matches in the street are so uncouth , but sometimes you've just gotta.
Elijah is smart, outspoken and strangely confident; David is uncouth , shy and subdued.
There is a lot of snobbery - it's looked upon as a bit uncouth .
Problem was the tourists (an uncouth lot) kept pulling over the ice cream signs outside and the heat made the ice cream melt very quickly.