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uncouple / разъединять, расцеплять, спускать со своры
disconnect, sever, dissociate, divide, separate, uncouple
release, trip, uncouple, decouple, disconnect, unlink
спускать со своры
disconnect (something, especially a railroad vehicle that has been coupled to another).
Police particularly want to interview anyone who saw the trailer being uncoupled from the tractor unit or can identify the vehicle which towed it away.
I need you back over here pronto so we can uncouple the ships.
Mr Marshall then went back into the tunnel with firemen to uncouple three of the tankers and drive them to safety.
She reached down and tried to pull the pin to uncouple the old cars, but it wouldn't budge.
If you begin to uncouple from the traditional thinking, and start to explore why we have failed to overcome the disease, you can open up a whole new range of therapeutic possibilities.
A Carman would uncouple the road engine from the train and the cars would be inspected before the yard engine came to take them to the coach yard.
I have seen marriages uncouple under the strain
the groups of cells commonly uncouple from surrounding tissue
The train was pulled into the wye South of the station to uncouple the roadrailers (Amtrak express freight cars) added in Albany and then backed into the station.
I have seen marriages uncouple under the strain
For the media industry, it is about uncoupling the value of our content from the form in which it is delivered.