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uncountable / неисчислимый, бесчисленный
имя прилагательное
incalculable, innumerable, countless, uncountable, numberless, incomputable
countless, innumerable, uncountable, infinite, numberless, myriad
имя прилагательное
too many to be counted (usually in hyperbolic use).
she'd spent uncountable nights in this very bed
To the right of her was a lavish dining room, and to the left was a library with an uncountable number of books.
An uncountable number of guns were raised, and Alex was shot.
No one sets out deliberately to destroy rivers and streams; environmental damage happens as a byproduct of an uncountable number of individual and corporate decisions.
Fast food restaurants were common, we had a few movie theaters, a baseball stadium, a bunch of major shopping centers, and an uncountable number of miscellaneous stores.
The night air was cool and refreshing, and the sky was filled with an uncountable number of stars.
Every individual happening is, in its most fundamental form, an uncountable number of happenings; there is simply no escaping shades of grey.
But to see them in uncountable numbers along a jagged hillside, or rising out of a sandy wash, or even in haphazard rows along the side of the road gives me a new appreciation.
It takes almost an uncountable number of signatures to launch a shuttle.
The unfamiliar aspects were the lack of boxes with ‘returned merchandise’ stickers and the uncountable number of times we were asked if we needed assistance.
Every student of the academy, and most people in the realm, knew that this area of mountains was teeming with an uncountable number of creatures.