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uncork / откупоривать, раскупоривать, давать выход
uncork, uncap, unstop, break
uncork, open
давать выход
vent, wreak, exhale, uncork
pull the cork out of (a bottle or other container).
Jazz plays on the radio as Mark uncorks a bottle of fine red wine.
He would uncork throws - sometimes it would take him 30 minutes just to do that - and the crowd would ooh, and the ball would fly into the backstop, and the crowd would not ooh anymore.
Er, shall I uncork another bottle on my way back?
He also has yet to uncork a strong throw from center, and he's understandably reluctant to dive for balls.
If a married woman fancies a swig of something naughty but nice, all she has to do is slip out of her apron and meet a pal down the pub, or uncork a bottle of Chardonnay while watching tv.
Marquez was still feinting more than he was punching, and still looked unsure of when to uncork his power shots.
Blake is blessed with one of the strongest arms in the league, which allows him to uncork uncannily accurate deep balls and stretch defenses vertically.
While mother began to uncork the bottle, a familiar, heavy aroma assaulted my nostrils.
Arrgh… Time to uncork a bottle of wine and drink a toast to the cloying self-love that swirls through my lovely little city.
Coming off a 15th place showing, the Kentucky Wildcats should uncork another solid effort.
And when the time is right, you can uncork a bottle of your finest vintage and enjoy the fruits of your labor.