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uncoordinated / несогласованный
имя прилагательное
uncoordinated, unharmonious, inharmonious, not in agreement, incoordinate
имя прилагательное
badly organized.
expensive mistakes resulting from uncoordinated manufacturing strategies
(of a person or their movements) clumsy.
Muscle contractions may cause uncoordinated movements and bizarre postures.
As alcohol affects the cerebellum, muscle movements become uncoordinated .
In short, the old system was said to be uncertain, uncoordinated and haphazard, relying on private and amateur effort, and prone to corruption.
Most of his movements are uncoordinated or involuntary reflexes.
Low-intensity warfare continues and soldiers continue to suffer casualties from uncoordinated attacks in the country.
Their attack disintegrated into uncoordinated actions by small groups of tanks.
He felt like a newborn baby, everything felt uncoordinated , and awkward.
Mick showed me some capoeira moves which looked really cool, although I'm pretty sure I'd be totally uncoordinated if I tried them.
At this stage, my dancing is still awkward, rigid, uncoordinated , an embarrassment, to be frank.
Being the uncoordinated person I am, I didn't catch it and it knocked me in the forehead.
Because of the old view of logistics, building contractors operating in their traditional roles across several projects would deliver materials in an uncoordinated fashion, clogging up roads and airport facilities.