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unconvincing / неубедительный
имя прилагательное
unconvincing, inconclusive, flimsy, lame, weak, thin
имя прилагательное
failing to make someone believe that something is true or valid.
she felt the lie was unconvincing
Churchill's responses to the academic fraud evidence have been entirely unconvincing .
In keeping with their performance during the opening 45 minutes, the equaliser was unconvincing in its conception.
Not the best match in the world - and to be honest the score line flatters us as the performance was rather inconsistent and unconvincing .
It was only those happy with a win, unconvincing or otherwise.
People find the government's case unconvincing ; they simply do not believe it.
One reviewer finds Perkins' story implausible and unconvincing , except perhaps to conspiracy buffs.
All that remained was an unconvincing Wanderers flurry.
In addition, I found the claimant's evidence generally to be unconvincing and unreliable.
A relationship between Francine and her sister Dawn is tenuous and unconvincing .
Absolutely stunning CGI slowly degrades into a very unconvincing PS2 version of the Rock as the Scorpion King.