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unconventional / нешаблонный, чуждый условности
имя прилагательное
unconventional, offbeat
чуждый условности
имя прилагательное
not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.
his unconventional approach to life
His unconventional approach to fighting crime makes him a great cop, but takes a toll on his personal life.
He takes an unconventional approach to stress, writing that it is not the killer people believe it to be.
The only difference is that they are doing it in a more unconventional way.
The unconventional aspects of the present struggle do not make its stakes any less grave.
For it is in the essence of his behaviour that he should be eccentric, unconventional and rash in the eyes of public opinion.
An unconventional approach to life was accompanied by humour, frankness, and generosity.
It's still strange to discover that somebody has been reading your diary, as unconventional as it is.
The quirky, unconventional lawman is a plum role that at one point had seemingly passed Cardinal by.
The background is complex and unconventional enough to send even a modern bohemian rushing to cover the piano legs.
This production uses some radical techniques and tries to explore unconventional approaches.