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uncontrollable / неконтролируемый, неудержимый, нерегулируемый
имя прилагательное
uncontrollable, unregulated, unguided, unruled
irrepressible, uncontrollable, runaway, elemental
unregulated, uncontrollable
имя прилагательное
not controllable.
her brother had an uncontrollable temper
It shows a number of uncontrollable violent clashes take place along the length of Clarence Street.
Soon Frankie was branded uncontrollable , a wild child who was not to be trusted.
An old flame and I met and reignited uncontrollable fires of passion.
During Steve's first few weeks at the club I realised he was trouble in the club in that he had an uncontrollable temper.
I could blink and move my head, but everything else was uncontrollable .
It's associated with a fiery temper, with an uncontrollable individuality and impetuousness.
That may be true of the play but it isn't true of Don Carlos the man; driven, as he is, by an uncontrollable passion.
He screamed with uncontrollable laughter all the way through my pieces - which resulted in me getting the sack.
For over 20 years now, he has been investigating the uncontrollable forces that govern the act of drawing.
If you haven't seen what the Wayans brothers can do, then you're missing out on some uncontrollable laughter.