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unconstitutional / неконституционный, противоречащий конституции
имя прилагательное
противоречащий конституции
имя прилагательное
not in accordance with a political constitution, especially the US Constitution, or with procedural rules.
The law was later ruled unconstitutional by the Florida state Supreme Court.
But on Friday of last week a judge found that the national executive meeting was unconstitutional and declared it void.
Any potential law which they felt went against the Constitution was classed as unconstitutional and had to be re-drawn.
It led to the US supreme court ruling that the segregation of buses was unconstitutional .
This held that nineteenth-century state legislation on the issue was unconstitutional .
It was only thrown out after Italy's Supreme Court ruled it was unconstitutional .
You think the president has the power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional .
It also said that the discrimination by some local authorities could be unconstitutional .
Otherwise, the Supreme Court would probably have found the measures unconstitutional .
First of all, the first declaration that you claim is that a certain High Court Rule is unconstitutional .
The first category is oppressive, arbitrary or unconstitutional action by the servants of the government.