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unconscious / бессознательный, не сознающий, непроизвольный
имя прилагательное
unconscious, instinctive
не сознающий
unconscious, insensible, unalive
involuntary, unconscious, automatic, reflex, automatical
имя существительное
subconscious, unconscious
имя прилагательное
not conscious.
the boy was beaten unconscious
имя существительное
the part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions.
Cognitive scientist Guy Claxton has unearthed the unconscious throughout history.
For if it is survival that you are after, unconscious mechanisms are the better bet.
The wound rendered Mark Irwin unconscious within seconds and caused his death within a couple of minutes.
A sustained attack with kicks to the head and upper body as he lay unconscious was said to have lasted more than two minutes.
He took the unconscious woman's body and set her down in a chair in one of the bedrooms.
Now, when we see the logo, a whole host of unconscious responses are triggered.
It should serve as an example of the necessity for judges to be aware of the possibility of unconscious prejudice.
His bodyguards knocked me unconscious , punching and kicking all over my body.
My body took most of the impact and I knocked myself unconscious .
It is both intentional and conscious and unintentional and unconscious .
For Freud, every dream was caused by unconscious wishes that were released in sleep.