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unconditioned / безусловный, необусловленный, неоговоренный
имя прилагательное
unconditional, unconditioned, absolute, undoubted, indisputable, definitive
имя прилагательное
not subject to conditions or to an antecedent condition; unconditional.
pure and unconditioned love
relating to or denoting instinctive reflexes or other behavior not formed or influenced by conditioning or learning.
an unconditioned response
not subjected to a conditioning process.
waste in its raw, unconditioned form
This is perhaps what renders an actor mad, seeing in her or himself the subject of a pure possibility, of the eventual and unconditioned emergence of an unknown movement or affect.
The drywall ceiling serves as the separation between conditioned space and unconditioned space.
Emerson could neither accept his dependence on things that forever exceeded him nor identify fully with the unconditioned subjectivity that remains at the fringes of awareness.
Natural affections may not provide a sufficient explanation; evolutionary psychologists tell us that parents love children as extensions of themselves rather than as unconditioned ends.
The key to reconciling the radically separate individual with God and the world was suppression of the distinction between God and unconditioned individual subjectivity.
But don't allow unconditioned leather to get soaking wet, and always condition it afterwards.
‘They impart joy, beauty and much needed unconditioned peace’, says the painter.
Most researchers evaluating a motivational interpretation of sickness behavior have assessed the effects of sickness on unconditioned behavior, such as food intake.
The skin conductance response (i.e., unconditioned response) to electric shock stimuli does not habituate, even after many trials.
Impulses include what we would call today drives, appetites, instincts, and unconditioned reflexes.