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unconditional / безусловный, безоговорочный, не ограниченный условиями
имя прилагательное
unconditional, unconditioned, absolute, undoubted, indisputable, definitive
unconditional, unqualified, unreserved, peremptory, implicit, plenary
не ограниченный условиями
unconditional, termless
имя прилагательное
not subject to any conditions.
unconditional surrender
There must be more to things than just conditional attachment or unconditional detachment.
They had an eight-week window to finalise legal and planning issues so the offer could be made unconditional .
However, the demarcation between a conditional and an unconditional order is not always clear.
It says that this time compliance must be full, unconditional and immediate.
Her intentions have since then become clear and her unconditional love of the children is obvious.
The referees who continue to handle our games deserve our full and unconditional support.
Subjection is unconditional and must not be re-evaluated in the light of experience.
It wants to avoid a full and unconditional withdrawal from the Occupied Territories.
In watching it again the other day, I was reminded of the theme of unconditional love that made Akira so engaging.
They released her on unconditional bail and told her she will be sentenced in the week starting October 28.