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uncompetitive / неконкурентоспособным
имя прилагательное
(with reference to business or commerce) not competitive.
that would destroy jobs and make industry uncompetitive
Could auto manufacturing become the 21st century equivalent of Germany's coal industry, uncompetitive and destined to collapse?
He also expressed concern about the South, which he feels is becoming uncompetitive .
Mr McDowell's comments come as the Competition Authority continues to investigate restrictive practices in the profession with a particular focus on perceived uncompetitive practices among barristers.
It could increase competition by ending uncompetitive practices and demanding greater disclosure of information.
It said the T3, which is a relatively uncompetitive machine, represented competition if only because of its installed base.
So there's less reason for companies to stick with uncompetitive locations.
Unless it is managed better by both parties, they predict that the new deal will render organizations uncompetitive .
Now look at how the Zambian industry has collapsed due to the same policies which have made the sector become uncompetitive with other countries in the region.
The Commission says the measures are similar to those the US secretary of transport has to counteract practices seen as uncompetitive .
While they destroy smaller traders by uncompetitive means, the superstores' relations with each other are not quite as red in tooth and claw as their advertising suggests.