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uncommitted / не связавший себя, не переданный в комиссию, не совершенный
имя прилагательное
не связавший себя
не переданный в комиссию
не совершенный
имя прилагательное
not committed to a cause, activity, etc..
uncommitted voters
In December 2003, only two of the Army's ten divisions were both uncommitted and in a high state of readiness.
For Sheeler, perhaps even more than for Stieglitz, Strand, and others, photography was a socially uncommitted art, whose purpose was to seek and reveal expressive form.
Many, perhaps most, came uncommitted and unconvinced.
Pellucid believes that there are nine million golfers who fall in the uncommitted category, which are defined in 2002 as players playing one to four rounds per year.
Secondly, to what extent, in down-playing ideological choices, is he creating a new straitjacket, that of the uncommitted centre which just muddled through?
But with as much as one third of the electorate said to be uncommitted , the big question was not whether Blair and Labour would be re-elected, but by how much - or how little.
When the Franco-Russian armies approached the German border, Schlieffen used the German rail network to mass uncommitted forces against the two Russian armies in East Prussia and destroy them.
Even today, some authors appear uncommitted to this view.
It is not as dramatic as the big plunge, but perhaps more believable to uncommitted or easily-discouraged voters.
In the case of phones, paying $1.50 for a high quality call is far more cost effective than paying 50 cents for a short call hurriedly read by an uncommitted caller.