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unclench / разжать
release (a clenched part of the body).
slowly she unclenched her fist
I could see Mr. Royston's jaw clench and unclench before he answered.
I notice Addam-say's face becomes very red when he hears this, and he starts to clench and unclench his fists again.
She saw his jaw clench and unclench , but aside from the tiny movement in his face, he completely hid his emotions.
Sophia saw his hands clench and unclench and cautiously shifted back a bit.
No, just about everything has been setting my teeth on edge, making me clench and unclench my fists, putting a permanent grimace on my face.
Well, now we can all relax, unclench , calm down, since Higher English is firmly in the past.
With your fist behind your head, and your ideas about your fist in your mind, slowly unclench your fist until your fingers are outstretched.
He scowled slightly and started to clench and unclench his fists in a slow pattern.
Not that anyone except me cares, but the sight of my little girl kitty, Abby, curled up and sleeping on the back of the couch, makes my whole body unclench and relax.
I could tell that Shyamalan was very exited, because the hand on the chair was clenching and unclenching .