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unclassified / незакрытый
  • unclassified documents - несекретные документы
имя прилагательное
not arranged in or assigned to classes or categories.
many texts remain unclassified or uncatalogued
You'll be made to feel an ingénue if you choose to eat a known fish (such as delicious Hake) over some previously unclassified deep sea monstrosity.
Last summer, while doing research at the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, I'll never forget how scrupulous the staff was with unclassified documents.
The type of information sought includes any unclassified documents, hard copy or digital, pertaining to the participation or involvement of any Signal unit or Signal personnel in the fight against terrorism.
The PJs who have access to all the classified documents tell me that if anything, the unclassified information understates the heroism of John Chapman and Jason Cunningham.
This annual assessment is a classified document but for the fourth year, NCIS is also publishing an unclassified version which is designed to educate the public about the risks from criminal behaviour.
There is, in fact, much additional unclassified material available to readers.
The new operation will gather and analyze such unclassified information as Web sites, blogs, mosque sermons, databases, and even T-shirt slogans.
Duties included sending and receiving classified and unclassified signal information to different RAF stations around the world.
The unclassified video was only unclassified because it was slightly longer than a version of the same film which was classified.
I found this to be a most unusual book and not the type I usually select - it was in the unclassified section in the library.