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unclad / голый
имя прилагательное
naked, bare, nude, bald, crude, unclad
имя прилагательное
unclothed; naked.
Cindy's partly unclad body was found on her mother's bed.
not provided with cladding.
unclad girders
She went over to the nearest one eating and gently tapped on his unclad shoulder.
The unclad product is furnished in alloys having a low melting temperature.
She found Cindy's partly unclad body on her (Grace's) bed.
An employee then escorted the unclad rocker back to the elevator, and implored the young man to clad himself.
At last the two meet and there before our eyes appears our first Indian - unclad , copper skinned, long haired, of normal physique, and with the forest knife under his arm.
With its lack of heating, concrete floor and unclad walls, this has to be the coldest gallery south of Helsinki.
Nonetheless, the upper body is left unclad , in what to the Western view is an apparent paradox.
Funding is still needed to complete the rear part, a concrete shell as yet unclad .
Use a windbreak to protect unclad limbs from chronic goosepimpling and to stake out your territory so that other families don't stray too close.
And then the unclad gentleman finally steps into the living room.