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unchecked / необузданный, непроверенный, беспрепятственный
имя прилагательное
unbridled, unrestrained, unchecked, wild, ungovernable, lawless
unchecked, untried
unobstructed, smooth, unimpeded, unchecked, untrammeled, through
имя прилагательное
(especially of something undesirable) not controlled or restrained.
unchecked population growth
The next blow came in the conflict's immediate aftermath, as looters ran unchecked through Baghdad.
Fed chief Alan Greenspan warned their unchecked growth could threaten the financial system.
Population, when unchecked , increases in a geometrical ratio.
Despite the best efforts of the zoo staff, a large number of plastic items find their way inside the zoo compound, unchecked .
Something of a scatterbrain, his study was populated by stacks of unchecked papers and piles of worn books.
As highlighted in this column, the rapid expansion of the grey seal population continues unchecked .
Residents also complained that unchecked and haphazard construction activity came in the way of natural watercourses.
If the matter is left go unchecked other people will think they have a free hand to discard all their household rubbish wherever they want.
How can humanity permit suffering in Africa to go unchecked ?
She has widely been criticized for doing little to combat unchecked corruption.