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uncharted / не отмеченный на карте
имя прилагательное
не отмеченный на карте
имя прилагательное
(of an area of land or sea) not mapped or surveyed.
an uncharted region of space
Keighley visited uncharted territory at Middlesborough based Acklam in their Yorkshire Shield second round tie.
It is acknowledged that it would be better if more examples could be located, especially as this is relatively uncharted territory.
For a professional explorer to stumble upon such uncharted territory can be very chastening.
It requires going into uncharted areas that may or may not be popular.
We were in uncharted territory and sought out the most conservative response.
Proulx is interested in the uncharted territory between American kitsch and genius.
The frontier was not only physical; it was also legal - uncharted legal land.
They play it with the enthusiasm of pioneers coming upon uncharted and unclaimed land.
Are the farmers happy to go forward into these companies, which everybody has said go into uncharted territory?
All that was necessary to test that hypothesis was to get on a ship and go to one of these uncharted areas and see.