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uncharitable / жестокий, немилосердный, злостный
имя прилагательное
cruel, brutal, fierce, severe, ruthless, uncharitable
unmerciful, uncharitable
malignant, uncharitable
имя прилагательное
(of a person's behavior or attitude toward others) unkind; unsympathetic.
this uncharitable remark possibly arose out of jealousy
I suppose there was the inevitable, uncharitable flicker of hostility towards a woman who could, in this day and age, devote herself with such sycophantic subservience to men.
Obviously not satisfied with the result, he went on to make an uncharitable remark against the Chief Minister.
What has prompted these uncharitable thoughts is the growing collection of movie actresses on his channel.
If this is your first pacer, you may harbour uncharitable thoughts about this uncomfortable big fat lump of metal (titanium these days) in your chest.
And have a look at what Hidding went on to say straight after his uncharitable remarks about Australia's leading independent news source.
Try listening to that 300 times a day and you'll understand how easy it is to become ever so slightly uncharitable towards your hosts.
Some uncharitable observers saw the entire episode as an attempt by the larger-than-life author to revive his novel's flagging fortunes in the nether regions of the bestseller lists.
We've worked so hard putting a great evening together so it's somewhat uncharitable for him not to put in an appearance.
Most street protests are, of course, likely to incur such uncharitable thoughts among the inconvenienced.
The uncharitable remarks by some ministers are unfortunate and contribute a great deal in defaming the country.