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uncharged / незаряженный
имя прилагательное
not charged, in particular.
It also said there were ‘other uncharged co-conspirators and co-conspirators whose identities are unknown.’
The uncharged matters may go to character, as they did, in our submission in Weininger, but they may also go to, to put it in plain English terms, the seriousness of the individual counts.
He re-arrested the six men, as well as the other seven who where uncharged by any court.
I object to his tossing out habeas corpus in order to keep uncharged and unproven ‘terrorists’ languishing at his pleasure.
BatMax contains permeable material, which is able to directly affect the molecule level inside the battery and BatMax reintegrates the uncharged particles into the electrical circuit.
The first is that the trial judge directed the jury that evidence of uncharged acts, some of which were non-sexual in character, established a relationship of a sexual kind between the applicant and the complainant.
The next day a team of interrogators questioned him and on 3 October he was released uncharged , after having been warned not to tell anyone about the torture he had been subjected to.
On the contrary, gamma rays are uncharged particles: they are not deflected by magnetic fields and follow a straight path to Earth.
Unlike the situation in Gipp, the trial judge here warned the jury as to the limited use to which evidence of uncharged acts could be put, and their significance and relevance.
All the peptide sites have a mass of 160 atomic units and are uncharged .