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uncharacteristic / нехарактерные
untypical, atypical, unusual
имя прилагательное
not typical of a particular person or thing.
an uncharacteristic display of temper
The poll tax actions were neither new nor uncharacteristic .
Again, though, a lot of people made uncharacteristic mistakes at inopportune moments that cost Scotland dearly.
At first glance, it was a curiously cold moment, uncharacteristic of such a popular and outgoing figure.
His family said that was uncharacteristic as he rarely drank.
Lying awake last night in an uncharacteristic attack of insomnia, I started wondering about the height of various bloggers.
Greta Garbo retired in 1941 after the failure of the uncharacteristic comedy Two-Faced Woman.
He crossed the room and threw his arms around his twin in an uncharacteristic display of emotions.
An uncharacteristic lull in the match might have given Airdrie a false sense of security, but the third came in 62 minutes.
And then, just when he had reason to be content with a display of uncharacteristic tenacity, he missed an easy putt for par on the last.
His many readers, including me, had become increasingly puzzled and concerned by his uncharacteristic silence.