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unchanged / неизменившийся, оставшийся прежним
имя прилагательное
unchanged, native
оставшийся прежним
unchanged, unconverted
имя прилагательное
not changed; unaltered.
the landscape has remained unchanged for a thousand years
These would restrict development, ensuring the character of the areas remained unchanged .
Many such corporations are registered with Network Solutions, and this policy is unchanged .
Principle features such as the entrance foyer, upper lobby and auditorium would be left unchanged .
The rest of the committee and officers remain unchanged and they are prepared to carry on for another year, at least.
City's current home kit, launched at the start of this season, will remain unchanged for next season.
Maintaining these blocs rigid and unchanged was the key to peace and security.
Many now predict the Fed will leave rates unchanged through the summer.
The cattle sector seems relatively unchanged , with clean cattle still relatively easy to place.
The merged body does not have new powers and leaves the existing statutory basis of regulation unchanged .
But both men believe the spirit of the schools remains unchanged and have high hopes for the future.