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unchallenged / бессменный
undisputed, indisputable, unquestioned
  • unchallenged leader - бессменный лидер
имя прилагательное
not disputed or questioned.
the report's findings did not go unchallenged
All this is part of Mallet's schema to make the point that First World supremacy is unchallenged , attacking Orientalism with a much cruder version of Occidentalism.
I could not just stand by and let some things go unchallenged , and because I challenged them, the atmosphere changed.
Its decision to remain outside the law demonstrates high-handed contempt for the rule of European Union law and must not go unchallenged .
There is little appetite for unilateral initiative among Western powers today, including the unchallenged superpower America.
He knows that, whether or not any new European Constitution is passed, Britain will be dragged further and further into corporatism if present arrangements go unchallenged .
This is predicated on acceptance of the unchallenged military supremacy of the US.
Someone, I am not sure which of you, mentioned sanctions; there is a degree of feeling, we gather, that certain actions go unchallenged , go unsorted.
But Wales did get their priceless second on 67 minutes when Davies curled in another free-kick and Hartson rose unchallenged to power a header to the net.
Of course, upholding the right to be offensive does not mean allowing objectionable views to go unchallenged , on some spineless basis that everybody is entitled to his opinion.
We are raising resolutions in branches and districts to make sure it does not go unchallenged .