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unchain / освобождать, спускать с цепи, расковывать
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, unchain
спускать с цепи
unchain, turn loose
unchain, unshoe
remove the chains fastening or securing (someone or something).
Corrections Department rules dictate that inmates taken for medical care must be shackled and guarded, although they unchained Provencio's legs on Friday.
Key to the dark side of the moon so you can unchain yourself and free yourself, truly open yourself, and share.
To think that sharing of wealth is a solution to the economic imbalances perpetuates underdevelopment of the poor's capabilities and potential to unchain themselves out of poverty.
Last week was a good one because I actually managed to unchain myself from the desk and hop on a plane to London.
The guards in the room unchained Talon and pushed him through the door.
He unchained his bike as fast as he could and took off to White Star Highschool.
Now, say the man is unchained and allowed to walk around the cave.
Finally, the prisoner was unchained and laid out on the floor of his cell.
Effie learned they had taken his straitjacket off and unchained his feet after he'd been asleep a few hours.
I quickly exited the aircraft, unchained the nose gear, climbed back in, and buckled my seat belt.
They immediately set to work unchaining us afterward.