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uncertainty / неопределенность, неуверенность, сомнения
имя существительное
uncertainty, ambiguity, indeterminacy, vagueness, suspense, indetermination
uncertainty, incertitude, if
uncertainty, qualm
имя существительное
the state of being uncertain.
times of uncertainty and danger
Perhaps this is explained because at times of uncertainty and change there is a degree of comfort in the past.
That's a grey area, but the very uncertainty injects a nice frisson into the comedy.
He said a three-year deal would also allow uncertainty over the upgrade of the East Coast to be cleared up.
After some uncertainty , Essex Police Authority has now been granted the money.
The early 1990s was a time of great economic and political uncertainty in Russia.
European investors believe the company is priced too high considering this uncertainty .
To say that he discovers love and it changes him would simplify a situation, wrought with uncertainty .
This time of change and uncertainty in the people of Ireland is an opportunity for the true Church.
This level of uncertainty was exacerbated by the use of proportional voting for the first time in the capital.
I feel a bit of uncertainty in the past few weeks and I think that the banking system is stable.