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unceremonious / бесцеремонный, неофициальный, простой
имя прилагательное
unceremonious, offhand, brusque, cavalier, familiar, bareknuckle
informal, unofficial, private, inofficial, officious, unceremonious
plain, simple, ordinary, elementary, idle, unceremonious
имя прилагательное
having or showing a lack of courtesy; rough or abrupt.
he was known for his strong views and unceremonious manners
After dumping the bodies out and giving them unceremonious burials, Sahara and I go back to my house and prop the front door back up in its frame.
But it has no more to do with this sound than with the unceremonious plonking down of glass.
Between Alex's accident the afternoon before and John's unceremonious trip on his way into the manor that morning, Meredith was convinced someone would get seriously hurt in no time.
Before I could answer, I was clobbered in an unceremonious hug.
Tad's quick and unceremonious analysis sets the stage for gamers, letting then know what the mission is about and why we should care.
Oregon fans were running all over the place, clobbering each other in unceremonious embraces, laughing loudly and then simultaneously sobbing.
Instead, it just kind of blissfully floats around in its own self-contained environment, content to prettily fizzle out into an unceremonious anti-climax.
The thought of unscrewing the lid and just upturning the contents into the rushing water seemed so unceremonious , even though it's what she'd come 3,000 miles to do.
The judges inquired especially about my non-participation in our son's bris (religious circumcision) ceremony, as I had preferred the unceremonious medical version.
In order to save space, headstones were not permitted… Mozart's unceremonious burial was normal for that rationalist time.